Tropical Chic Plus 4 More Party Trends We’re Loving

When planning a wedding or event it is crucial to stay on top of the latest trends. And since they are constantly changing, that can be a difficult thing to do! It’s important to stick to your own personal style when planning a party but we wanted to provide some inspiration by sharing some of the hottest party trends we are loving right now!

Tropical Chic

Even with the temperatures dropping, we can pretend we’re on a tropical island with flamingos, pineapples, and palm trees! The bright pinks, yellows, and greens of a tropical chic theme will brighten up the mood and get your guests ready to party! Colorful floral arrangements, sweet treats and gold accents (like these adorable pineapple place card holders and bottle openers) are all essential to this fun party theme.

Tropical Table Setting | Party Trends | Kate Aspen

Tropical Bar Cart | Party Trends | Kate Aspen

Flamingo Cup | Party Trends | Kate Aspen

Donuts, Donuts and More Donuts

We still think cupcakes are adorable but the latest dessert trend is definitely donuts! Baking donuts has truly become an art. You’ll find them adorned with gorgeous designs and displayed in incredible ways. Donut towers and donut walls are a must for all you dessert-loving party people!

Balloons with a Twist

Balloons have always been a party staple, but lately we’ve been seeing balloon decorations with a twist! Giant balloon letters spell out words or names. Balloon arches frame an entry way or food and beverage station. And clear balloons filled with colorful glitter and confetti! These balloons certainly make the balloons of our childhoods look boring in comparison!

Magical Unicorn

With beautiful colors and sparkly accents, magical unicorn is a party trend we can’t get enough of! And while it certainly is an adorable birthday party theme for little girls, we don’t think this theme is just limited to the kids. It can make a fun party theme for the adult dreamers out there, too! Whether you decide to go with an ethereal color palette or a vibrant one, your party will be a hit.

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party | Party Trends | Kate Aspen

 Unicorn Theme | Party Trends | Kate Aspen

Hostess with the Mostess

Beautiful Beverage Stations

No matter what you’re serving at your party, beverage stations make things a little more fun. They add an element to the decor while providing guests with delicious drinks to sip on! (Not to mention you get to avoid the cost of a bartender!) Mix together your favorite beverages and display them in pretty dispensers. Add a few decorative straws and mix in options and you are ready to go!

Which of these trends do you love most? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Planning!

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