A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding

A “traditional wedding” can have different meanings to different people. This couple was able to blend both of their definitions of a traditional wedding together on their big day. The celebration of Indian and American cultures made for beautiful, color-filled photos and two ceremonies their guests will never forget! Read on to get a glimpse into their magical day.

Blending Cultures

For this couple, their wedding day was so much more than a celebration of love. By having two wedding ceremonies, they were able to experience the joy in joining their lives together forever with unique traditions from both of their backgrounds.

Groom and Bride | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

Bride and Groom | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate AspenTraditional Dress

Before the ceremony, in an Indian wedding, the bride participates in a pre-wedding ritual called Mehndi, where she has henna tattoos painted on her hands and feet the night before, so they can be seen during the wedding ceremony. This is a very important and sacred part of an Indian wedding that is never skipped. It is also said that the henna calms a brides nerves.

Henna | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

The groom also gets fancy footwear to match his elaborate and detailed attire.

Groom Shoes | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

Grand Entrance and Ceremony Rituals

In Indian culture, the entrance of the groom is a grand procession that involves a white horse and family members dancing as he arrives. This beautiful display of happiness and love could not be more picture perfect!

Groom Entrance | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

The future Mr. and Mrs. participated in many rituals throughout both of their ceremonies that had important significance to both families.

Ceremony Ritual | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

Simple Similarities

In almost all wedding ceremonies, the bride is “given away” by her family to the groom. This couples special day allowed for guests to witness this process twice and how it is done differently in each culture.

Bride and Father | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

Bride and Parents | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate AspenReception Details

The reception table settings at this Indian American Fusion wedding were a beautiful mix of bold golds and bright reds. The mini floral displays looked stunning in gold votives.

Table Setting | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen

Everyone’s favorite part of any wedding reception, the cake, was a modern style wedding cake that incorporated the rich color that had been present throughout the whole day with gold detail on top.

Cake | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate AspenThe Happy Newlyweds

This couple could not have looked happier before, during, or after their ceremonies! They truly displayed a beautiful blending of cultures and traditions that made for a spectacular celebration.

Happy Couple | A Vibrant Indian Fusion Wedding | Kate Aspen


Photography: Daisy Saulls Photography and Mollie Tobias Photography | Venue: The Westin Annapolis | Florist: Fleur de Lis | Cake: Sugar Bakers Cakes

Event Planner: Baltimore’s Premiere Event Solutions | Video: 5ive Star Media Productions

What did you love most from this Indian Fusion Wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

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