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There are so many beautiful vintage ideas on the market today that I just had to share some with you.  We are always thinking about and listening to our brides around here, and we know (because you’ve told us) that you love reading about all kinds of ideas.  So today we’re going to visit vintage again, because I’ve run across a treasure trove of really pretty pictures.

Filligree and lace and pearls and oh so especially special, adding a touch of vintage to your wedding or even your bridesmaids luncheon an elegant event.  Just for fun for your bridesmaid’s luncheon, have everyone wear gloves – just like the old days!  You’ll be surprised how “aristocratic” everyone feels (even if they think it’s a bit silly in the beginning)!  Remember to list “pearls and white gloves” on the invitation, and I guarantee everyone will be a bit perplexed, but always game for change!  Make sure placesettings include all the knives and forks and china plates, and only and always white linen napkins. 

An elegant favor, center-plate, adds the finishing touch!

And oh are you going to LOVE these dresses.  There’s a site called, and they have a bridal section that will simply make you drool!  Here are some of the selections just to whet your vintage apetite!


Burnished golds, bronzes and understated, rich tones will give your guests a handsome, 1920’s-feel welcome at the reception.  I love the use of the brown silk tablecloth.



Vintage bubbly anyone?

OK, more dresses – these are SO yummy!


When you start studying vintage wedding pictures, you’ll see that the bouquets were very elaborate (and very large).  Take a look at a few here:


I believe they called them “cascading” bouquets and roses and stephanotis were the flowers of choice.  Here’s a modern version of the cascade bouquet.  I’m absolutely in love with the soft colors and textures!

Alright, I’m going to throw in one more round of these gorgeous dresses from, and then I’ll call it a day.  I really hope you enjoy joining me in my little research projects, because I sure do enjoy showing them to you!

   with a little exquisite detail 

  with more exquite detail


Detailed, filigreed, and simply yummy, aren’t they?

Until next time! 


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7 thoughts on “Vintage Revisited”

  • Oh wow Kate-gurl! This blog just keeps getting better! I love, love, love those dresses!


  • I am so glad to see that somebody is making a pretty weding fan! Getting married in September down at Eden State Park in Florida and it’s outside – I’ve been looking for these things – this is great!


  • I’m a photographer and found your blog while looking for setups for a wedding i’m gonna shoot in august where they want to do antiquey kinda shots. Just thought i’d throw in a tip for your readers – get your photog to throw in sepia prints with your regular proofs to get a kinda vintage feel like you talk about in this article.

    Cheers! Jason

  • That is so sweet it makes me want to cry! I was looking for your favors for my daughter’s wedding and found your blog. Janna is wearing my mother’s wedding veil. We’re having it restored (there are a few holes and it’s a little bit yellowed from age) and now I think I’m going to suggest that she wear mother’s pearls too. I just had to comment! Sincerely, Candy in Tulsa

  • Candy! Your comment makes me want to cry! Good luck with your vintage plans for your beautiful daughter!


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