Asian Inspiration

A Chinese friend of mine pointed out today that I neglected to mention Chinese inspirations in my Asian Influence.  I wouldn’t consider it neglect exactly – I just got so caught up in eastern traditions that I plain ran out of time.  So today I’m making it up to him!  🙂

And just like before, I really don’t have to say much.  So much exquisite detail!  The glorious and timeless Chinese wedding culture shines all on its own …


享用! Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Asian Inspiration”

  • Having traveled extensively in China, I have to agree that their cultural heritage is truly exquisite, creative and colorful. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and thanks for those gorgeous favors. I’m thinking they might work very nicely at our next supper club feast – I’m cooking Chinese! (and I have the best hot and sour soup recipe in the entire world) With many thanks – Didi

  • Kate – I didn’t know you made the Asian favors. These are such a good idea and I will share with my friends. I was looking for something like these and now you have them here displayed so pretty! Thank you very much Kate. Sammi

  • I love the way you mix all these beautiful photos on your blog. I always enjoy stopping by to look! Elyse

  • Just found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I like your ideas. I think the Chinese favors would make a super nice little addition to our next Supper Club dinner – we’re serving Chinese food and this will make it perfect. Keep up the good ideas! Nancy (a Wisconsin fan)

  • I wasn’t looking for favors but fell across your article while doing some researchc. Such beauty! Just wanted to say thank you.

    LJ Russo

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