Autumn Brides

If you ask any person on the street, they’ll tell you that Summer is the prime time for weddings – June in particular.  And while that’s quite the “high season”, you’d be amazed at the number of brides that choose Fall for their wedding season.  As a matter of fact, 34% in our ongoing Brides survey choose an Autumn wedding – second only to Summer!  Surprised?  I’m not.  Just look at some of the fabulous colors available for Fall weddings …

Isn’t Alfred Angelo just wonderful

And I so love the warm, autumn colors in the bouquets …..

Yes, you know I look at the cakes, too – aren’t these just lovely!

Most of our Autumn brides are shopping around for the perfect favor right this very minute!  With venues booked and dresses altered, bride’s thoughts turn to the most unique and personal favors they can possibly find to say “Thank You for sharing our special day!”.  Brides tell us they want to match their wedding theme and wedding colors, while still keeping practicality in mind.  One perfect wedding favor, center plate, to share a small but lovely memory each time it’s used and treasured.

I’m quite proud of all our wedding favors, of course – but did you know that we have a very nice selection of wedding favors designed specifically with Fall Brides in mind?

I thought I might give you all a little inspiration!  😉



“Fall in Love”,   “Perfect Pair” – we design the lasting wedding memories you ask us for – your unique, special thank you to send home with your guests.

I love my job!



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6 thoughts on “Autumn Brides”

  • There are some very good ideas here and some very good ideas for bouquets, which is really good because I’m trying to make up my mind still about my reception flowers – and I only have two months to go before my wedding. Didn’t think about favors tho so now I’m going to go favor shopping – hahaha. Pam

  • I think Autumn weddings are the best! The warm days and the cool crisp nights set a great setting for a wedding. Plus, using all the beautiful colors of Autumn can really make the big day stand out from the typical summer weddings.

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