Picture Pretty

It all started just a few short years ago with a cake.  A Cake Candle Favor, actually.

Just a few short years later, we have over 300 fabulous favor choices (and more to come with the new launches)!

It’s true what they say:  My how time flies when you’re having fun!  But some things never change – we still love cakes!

Here are some deliciously lovely wedding cake pics for you to enjoy.  Pam of Paris Mountain Photography here in Atlanta graciously agreed to share them with you (and btw, she’s an excellent wedding photographer).  If you’d like to see more of her gorgeous work, you can look her up at parismountainphotography.com.

Hey – the good thing about “just looking” – no calories!  LOL!

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4 thoughts on “Picture Pretty”

  • Hi Kate! My fiance and I were really seriously considering going the cupcake route for our wedding and that picture of the cupcake tree has just about convinced us to do it. Nice photos. Brooke is a lucky girl!

    Susan (and I love me some Dylan!)

  • Thanks Susan! I love the color combination the cupcake arrangement – not to mention the chocolate! I appreciate the comment!


  • I love the red rose cake. roses are my favorite and the way the cake looks on it silver stand kind of reminds me of a crown. Very beautiful.

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