Don’t Cha Step On My

Don’t Cha Step On My

blue-soled wedding shoes!  (btw – has anybody seen Elvis around lately???)

A recent Facebook post put us back on the search for that mystical creature of legend known as “bridal shoes with Tiffany blue soles.”   Yes, this is the picture that got us all excited.  We tried tracing the source for you and found the photographers – Roy Llera Photographers down in sassy Miami, but no blue-sole shoes.  Do check out their photography work though – enchanting!

Christian Louboutin gets credit for the originals – to be found for sale absolutely nowhere.  From our friends at;

“…Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles. Intended to provide the “something blue” for brides-to-be, these creations were only available via special order, and were very short-lived.”  (feel free to insert a frowny-face here)

We got a little tingle up the spine when we realized there was a site named “”  They just HAD to be there, right?  But oh no, that site sells men’s shoes.  🙁

Suddenly we had a brilliant flash of inspiration – Zappos! They have everything!  Blue, pink, sneaks, heels, sandals, flips – everything a shoe-addict could possibly want and more!

Blue Bridal Shoes | Don't Cha Step On My | Kate Aspen

But alas, no luck.  Our “blue sole,” “white heel blue sole,” and about 10 other searches turned up these lovely shoes, but no blue soles. 🙁

Fret Not, Gentle Readers! There is hope!

(Three hopes, actually)

1 Gaze upon these little lovelies! We found them online in a store with the cutest name – My Glass Slipper – and we were thrilled.  Blue-soled and so elegant! 🙂  Ladies – please meet “Cherie” by Grazia! Softly blue soles with a sparkle at the peep-toe!

"Cherie" by Grazia Shoe | Don't Cha Step On My | Kate Aspen

2. San Jose, California is home to a talented group of leather artisans who will  actually (gasp!) install a sky blue leather sole on your pre-purchased bridal shoes.  Now listen up!  Plan well in advance – at least 3 – 4 weeks is needed from the time you send your shoes away until they come back to you.  These cobblers are very busy, but you’ll find them quite pleasant to deal with.  Check out the Master Cobbler website for contact information, then give them a call for references and sample pictures and pricing and anything else you might need to know.  Such a clever idea!

3. Also from My Glass Slipper,  here’s an interesting take on the blue sole concept.  “Courtney,” by Something Bleu, has a blue crystal embedded in the sole.  What an adorable little detail!  Kind of like the cherry on top of your hot fudge sundae, isn’t it?

"Courtney," by Something Bleu Shoes | Don't Cha Step On My | Kate Aspen

So, dear readers, we end our hunt for the mystical creature of legend – our beloved blue-soled bridal shoes – on a happy note!  Many thanks to Megan at My Glass Slipper and the wonderful people at Master Cobbler in San Jose for putting a smile on our faces at the end of our search!

Happy planning!


Nope, no blue-soled shoes here – but plenty of presh ideas for shoe-themed favors!  Take a look!

Shoe Shaped Cake Server | Don't Cha Step On My | Kate Aspen


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  • Hi. Those are my shoes that were featured in Roy Llera’s now famous picture of them. The picture is fabulous and the blue-soled shoes were perfect!!! The shoes are available via special order through Miami’s Ever After bridal house (at least they were in 2009 when I got married).

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