Vintage Weddings Revisited

Vintage Weddings Revisited

Is he wearing lipstick? 😮
Ha!  Kind of looks that way, doesn’t it?

Back in the day, photography was a slow-go art form. Color was added after the picture was developed – by hand. Looks like this colorist got a little happy with the groom’s features, no?

Are you thinking vintage for your wedding?  We figured you might be, so enjoy some vintage wedding inspiration (complete with vintage-inspired wedding favor ideas!)

For true vintage gown inspiration, browse shops like Antique Dress,  Vintage Wedding,  and Etsy.  Jana Starr makes exquisite vintage-inspired wedding gowns from handmade antique laces!

Now if you’re seriously thinking vintage, at some point you are going to come face-to-face with the fabulous tussie mussie.  Do not be afraid!  Tussie mussies are actually an excellent vintage touch for your wedding.  Here’s a hint:  work with your florist to find silver tussie mussies that also come with a stand. Have one done for your mom and your sweetie’s mom to carry.  Beautiful and quite the lovely keepsake!

Tussie mussies have a charming history. Lest you feel confused, here’s a quick tussie mussie history lesson:

  • See the flowers she’s holding?  They’re nestled in a tiny vase attached by a chain to a bracelet on her wrist.
  • In the 19th century, this was called a “posy holder.”
  • Since personal hygiene wasn’t a big deal back then, ladies carried small  nosegays like this to, um, “camouflage offending odors” and ward off disease (good luck with that!)
  • Later they became fashion statements for ladies of “courting age.”   Suitors offered flowers to a “crush,” and, if she liked the guy, she’d skewer them into the holder with a long pin – kind of a  Facebook “Like” gesture – then wear them on her wrist.
  • When they became popular in the US, they were called tussie mussies.
  • “Tussie” is from the old English word for nosegay.  “Mussie” refers to the wet moss used to keep the flowers fresh. There now – history lesson complete!

Great news! Contemporary designers feature vintage in their current collections.  Madeline Isaac-James just introduced a retro, old Hollywood glamor look to their collection.  Complementary bridal shoes are available from stores like My Glass Slipper.  You can find beautiful Victorian-flavored accessories while browsing the fabulous Etsy site.  And vintage-inspired wedding favors?  Among many in our own collection, you might consider “Remember Romance,” a beautiful keepsake bookmark, or perhaps the “Calla Lillies” frosted glass coasters!

Happy planning!

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  • I love the Vintage wedding bouquet holder. Do you know which Etsy vendor you found it on? I would love to buy one for my wedding but I can’t find them any where online.

  • Etsy has so many clever and original tussies listed we know you enjoyed looking through their catalog. Instead of searching for “vintage wedding bouquet holder,” we’d suggest you search for either Tussy Mussy or Tussie Mussies (we’ve found exciting things under both searches!) Also search via Bing or Google or your preferred search engine. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, have a chat with your local florist – they will know where to find the one that is perfect for your wedding 🙂

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