3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas

3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas

There are so many things that you can do with these beautiful bell jars whether you are celebrating a formal occasion like a wedding or a fun way to dress up a birthday party. Not only are bell jars great accessories because you can feature specific items, but they keep those items secure and sealed. We captured a few ways on how you can fill and display bell jars for any upcoming event. Read on for more inspiration!

1. Bell Jars as Table Number or Seat Assignments

These table numbers make a big impact from every angle.  We drew inspiration from the story Beauty and The Beast with the rose inside of the bell jar, a true love story. We easily replicated it using these bell jars, miniature roses, and printed card stock.  The best part of this set up is that all the items are easily accessible, saving you time and money. All you need are these three items. You can’t beat that.Bell Jar Idea 1 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

Pairing the bell jars with other natural elements really makes the gold pop!


Bell Jar Idea 1 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

Simple yet elegant, the miniature roses make a big impact in a little package.

Bell Jar Idea 1 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

Add in a few succulents and miniature roses around the bell jars to make for a beautiful centerpiece.

2. Bell Jars as Birthday Party Favors

Do you remember when you were a kid and before you left the birthday party, the hosts gave you a gift for attending? Those were the days, and those days are back! With these bell jars, why not create a sweet gesture to give a bite-sized piece of cake for the way home or the next day? It’s less of a mess than trying to pack up cake to-go or trying to juggle a whole cupcake. Putting little bits of cake and sprinkles in bell jars will make for sweet decor at your party and double as a great parting gift.  Make your next birthday party a celebration for everyone.

Bell Jar Idea 2 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

The bell jars filled with cake and sprinkles will bring out the kid in everyone at your party.

Bell Jar Idea 2

Sprinkles are a great way to add color to a plate or a table. Have fun and go crazy.  The great thing is they don’t break the bank.

Bell Jar Idea 2 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

Have a tray to display these goodies, and hand one to each guest before they leave.

3. Bell Jars as Wedding Favors

A touch of elegance is a must at any wedding. Pop in one of these decadent candies wrapped in gold foil into a bell jar, and you have a jaw-dropping decoration that is simple and easy to put together.  Let’s be real, whether you are planning a wedding or a birthday party, the details can become overwhelming.  The do-it-yourself ideas seem fun and easy, but often times, they take so much time and never come out quite the way you envisioned it.  Save your self some time and money and make a GIANT impact with little effort displaying these beautiful bell jars as wedding favors with candy inside.

Bell Jar Idea 3 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate Aspen

The gold Ferrero Roche will match perfectly with the gold base of the bell jar.

Bell Jar Idea 3 | 3 Beautiful Bell Jar Ideas | Kate AspenPlace one of these bell jars next to each guest’s dinner plate or on a table for guests to take on the way home.

How would you style these bell jars? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning!

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