Spooky DIY Halloween Favors

Spooky DIY Halloween Favors

It’s that spooky time of year again. Jack-o’-lanterns are creating an ominous glow on front steps and all your favorite horror flicks are playing nonstop everywhere you look. If you’re throwing a big Halloween bash, skip the already-made treats and party favors and make your own. Whether you’re handing these out during the party as snacks or costume party prizes or passing them out as guests leave, these take-home DIY Halloween favors are sure to be a hit. We’ll show you three of our favorite spooky DIY projects along with the items you’ll need to make each one a perfect Halloween treat.

1. DIY Spooky Cake Mason Jars

Turn a simple mason jar cake into something spooky by designing them around classic Halloween monsters. Dye vanilla cake with green food coloring and use black frosting to turn a boring cake into Frankenstein’s monster. Orange cake and green frosting make the perfect Jack-‘o-lantern. Visit Life Made Simple Bakes for fun ideas and recipes.


Halloween Mason Jar Mini Cakes

Life Made Simple Bakes

Of course, the real magic happens on the outside of the jars. Use a permanent marker on the glass of these 8-ounce mason jars to create the freaky faces of Frankenstein’s monster and the Jack-‘o-lantern. You could even wrap a third with white gauze to turn it into the mummy.

8 oz Glass Mason Jar DIY

2. DIY Spider Candy Tin

Candy is a classic when it comes to party favors, but it’s even more of a staple when it comes to Halloween. It’s the year’s most candy-centered holiday, after all. Skip boring containers and transform a tiny mason jar or candy tin into scary spiders. Paint them black, use black pipe cleaners for legs, and stick some fun googly eyes on the front.

Spider Mason Jars

Mason Jar Craft Love

Any little candies are perfect, but you may want to fill your spiders with the quintessential Halloween treat: Candy corn. These multi-colored sugary favorites now come in all sorts of specialized flavors, so you could even give guests a much-loved variety. If you’re looking for the perfect containers, check out these silver candy tins.


Silver Round Candy Tin DIY

3. DIY Oreo Ball Bell Jar

Confident in your crafting skills? Pull out all the stops with these no-bake Oreo truffles from The Suburban Soapbox. They’re shaped like eyeballs–they’re sure to give your guests a fright!

No Bake Oreo Truffle Eyeballs

The Suburban Soapbox

Something as special as eyeball-shaped truffles need an equally special container. These small bell jars showcase the eyeball front and center for maximum scare-factor. Paint the exterior of the gold bases black if you’d like to make them look a bit spookier.


Small Bell Jar With Gold Base

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