5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday

When you’re a kid, milestone birthdays happen all the time. Practically every year you’re celebrating an achievement in getting older. That’s not the case once you hit adulthood. Milestone birthdays happen only at the start of each decade. As you go into your 30th year, it’s time to celebrate this big-deal birthday the right way. Make it epic, loads of fun, and memorable for all involved. How? Choose a 30th birthday theme you’ll never forget.

1. The Classy Picnic

Got an outdoor space that you love? Skip the classic barbecue and make it extra exciting with a picnic theme. But, instead of just smoothing a flannel blanket onto the ground, set out low tables with elegant decor atop. It’ll make it so much easier for your guests to eat if they have a surface to rest their plate and glass atop. Ramp up the comfort with rugs, floor pillows, and cushions.

Picnic Theme | 5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday | Kate Aspen

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2. The Fondue Party

Nothing says sophistication like a classy fondue party. Isn’t this what you imagined adult parties would be like? Now that you’re turning 30, it’s time to live out those fondue dreams. With a classic fondue, leave out a wide variety of foods that guests can dip into the cheesy goodness. Fruits, veggies, bread, and pretzel bites all work wonders. You can even make the dessert a fondue as well! Dip candy, chocolate, and cake into a chocolate fondue.

Fondue Party Theme | 5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday | Kate Aspen

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3. The Backyard Movie Night

Just because you’re having your 30th birthday party at home doesn’t mean it can’t be absolutely epic. Host a movie night right in your own backyard. Project some of your favorite movies–especially those that are a hit with your generation–onto a screen, sheet, or garage door. Ask guests to bring blankets and pillows or set up your own cozy spots throughout the yard. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Movie Night Theme | 5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday | Kate Aspen

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4. The ’90s Bash

If you’re turning 30, that means you spent your formative years in the 1990s. Embrace the fact that you’re a ’90s kid with a ’90s-themed birthday party. Set out all your favorite snacks from your childhood, including Gushers, Dunkeroos, Lunchables, and Squeeze Pops. Play your favorite ’90s hits and ask guests to come decked out in their most colorful clothes from that decade.

90s Party Theme | 5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday | Kate Aspen

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5. The Birthday Brunch

Turn an otherwise chill and sophisticated brunch into an exciting, boozy brunch for your 30th birthday. In addition to some classic brunch foods, like waffles and quiche, provide a bloody mary bar. Set out all sorts of potential garnishes, including bacon, pickles, celery, and even sliders. You and your friends will want to come back for seconds, maybe even thirds!

Brunch Theme | 5 Fun Themes for Your 30th Birthday | Kate Aspen

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Planning your 30th birthday celebration? Let us know your favorite themes in the comments below!

Happy Planning!

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