Bridal Bouquet – Decisions, decisions…

Talented Kate Aspen wedding favor designer Amanda will marry her love in October, and we follow along as she makes some important wedding flower decisions - enjoy!


What to carry down the aisle? Will your bouquet be big and floofy? A vintage cascade? Maybe something euro-chic and edgy would do the trick, or does that look funny with the dress? How on earth do you tie it all together?

Seriously ladies, we know this isn’t an easy decision. Amanda has been going though it – and we’ve all been looking over her shoulder with our own opinions, (bless her heart.)

Amanda did a lot of research in her quest for the perfect wedding bouquet. Her first thoughts involved peonies. Dreamy! Those lush, rounded blooms simply drip with romance. As an added bonus, they are also a symbol for a long and happy marriage!

However, , turns out that you just can’t get peonies in October – they’re not “in-season.” But no worries – smart Amanda hired a full service event planner, CateringWorks, who stepped in to the rescue. Joseph Barnes, the über-talented florist part of the team, suggested these big, beautiful roses as a substitute.


Not your classic, one-dozen-at-Valentines Day rose – oh no! This exotic beauty- Romantic Antike, to be precise – looks a bit vintage and bit contemporary – so perfect! This hybrid rose has a similar look to the peony – full, round, lush – but with the added benefit of a delicious rose fragrance!

The color, a dusty shade of pink, is absolutely spot on with the blush/pale grey pallet Amanda has chosen for her ceremony. Really, how cool are these flowers?

Amanda’s bridesmaids were given free reign to show off their personal style by selecting their own dresses (an idea we simply adore) in various shades of gray – ranging from silver to charcoal. Each bridesmaid also favored a different designer – Julia choosing a strapless silk gown from J.Crew, Evie’s is a one-shoulder design from Lela Rose, Sara will be in chiffon from Ann Taylor Bridesmaids, and Katie’s is a strapless satin with pleated detail from Priscilla of Boston. See how it’s all starting to come together? The bride in white, carrying lovely, aromatic hues of blush pink and white – the bridesmaids in their own, very personal style, carrying bouquets of complementary white roses . The colors, the feel, the casual, uniquely elegant touch that is Amanda – it’s all so exciting!

Do take a minute to enjoy a few of Joseph Barnes‘ flowing, almost organic designs from past events. Such fresh ideas!

Happy planning!

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