Celebrate His Proposal—No Matter What!

Did you know one in four women hated their proposal? That’s what we’ve learned from a survey by Men’s Health magazine and TheKnot.com. We didn’t think a proposal—in any form—would be a negative thing, unless he throws you a ring and says, “We’ve been together four years, and everyone says I should do this, so, even though I’m not really sure about it, here.” Were you happy with your proposal? What characterizes a “bad” proposal?

Two Wildly Different Proposals

Both of these are absolutely true proposal stories.

The first story begins with a couple merely discussing marriage one Thanksgiving evening. Nothing else was mentioned beyond that—not even a time frame. A month later, there she was, up to her elbows in sudsy dishwater, finishing the last of the pots and pans used to create a wonderfully romantic Christmas eve dinner for her and the love of her life. Suddenly, a hand holding a sparkling diamond ring hovered over the suds. Long story short, they both wound up sudsy and happy. We’re pretty sure this would fall under the category of the “Most Unromantic Marriage Proposals Ever”, but she says she wouldn’t change it for the world. (They were married the following Valentine’s Day!)

Our second couple had been dating for quite a while. They were in the car, headed to a party on a Sunday afternoon, when police sirens began blaring. A couple of police cruisers surrounded them and signaled them to stop. (We should tell you now this was all pre-arranged by the future groom, who had some friends in the local police department.) The officer demanded he step out of the car, cuffed him, and took him out of her view behind the police car, ostensibly to pat him down. All the while, he’s asking “What did I do? What’s the problem?” Next, an officer took her, shocked and shaking, out of the car, cuffed her and took her where he was waiting. When she arrived, he had already been uncuffed, but his hands were still behind his back. As she stood there, bewildered and more than a little freaked out, he dropped to one knee, brought his arm with ring in hand from behind his back and popped the question.

Both couples have been happily married for many years.

The Moral of These Stories

If you truly love someone and want to be his wife, it shouldn’t matter how he proposes. The proposal survey tells us that 25% of men are clueless when it comes to creative proposals. If you take the risk of telling him you were disappointed at his lack of imagination, don’t be surprised if he thinks twice about marrying a woman who will find fault with the way he asks her to marry him. He can’t help but wonder what he’ll be up against down the road.

The Ring’s the Thing!

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Happy Planning!