Does This Help?

We get asked time and time again, “Help me make up my mind!” And while we know that planning a wedding can put your normally brilliant brain into a tizzy spin, we’re also pretty confident that you know just what you want – you simply need a little inspiration. So here goes – see if you see yourself in here somewhere!


Here a deep, rich turquoise combines with a yummy chocolate brown to make quite the table statement! Looks good for a reception or maybe an after rehearsal celebration, doesn’t it? Convey your gratitude in soft, complementary colors with the cherry blossom soap favor, the cleverly coined “Owl Always Love You” soap favor, or tuck a delicious truffle into the chocolate and turquoise damask “Make It Yours” favor box.

Ahh, an alfresco event in a vineyard, perhaps? Consider the terribly clever “Maison du Vin” place card holders, the “Vineyard Select” wine stopper (crafted in solid chrome), or add a special “vino” ambiance with the lovely Cherry Blossom shades that turn an ordinary wine glass into an elegant table lamp!

Oh the luciousness of this earth-inspired tablescape! For you DIY-ers, a little green moss, some lovely yucca spines, and glass beads to catch the echos from the light is all you need. Enhance with eco-concious favors then light and lead the way with Victorian-inspired tea light and place card holders, you clever girl!

It’s easy to bring beach breezes indoors!

A little driftwood set about, a tiny shell that acts as a natural knife rest, scattered beach glass for the color of the sea – all the little details right there at your fingertips. And your guests will carry the ambiance home with them maybe in a delightful gel candle, in a beach-inspired photo album with your special engagement photos, or with the nautically inspired light house lanterns that do double duty as table decor!


So did you see yourself? If not, leave a comment and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to oblige with a few more suggestions!