From Runway to Aisle


Think of how a fireworks display bedazzles the night with colored lights–one right after the other. Each one more spectacular than the last. It’s breathtaking. That same colorful experience was recreated at Fashion Week, Spring 2011, as the stark runways were lit up by the fabulous must-have looks for the upcoming season.

As all fashionistas know, the runway rules the trends. It’s evident in everything from ready-to-wear to bridal, and the must-have looks for spring 2011 have made themselves known! Feminine silhouettes, bright colors, and embellished details that represent an upbeat and optimistic look for the New Year were revealed. And now, here’s how you can expect these runway trends to translate for the springtime bride:

Bridal gowns will range from sleek, contemporary silhouettes to the retro look of the 60’s. (Thank you, Don Draper!) The decadence of lace, the intricacy of beading, and all embellishments girly are sure to offer something for everyone next season.

Wedding colors feel bright and optimistic. Spring bridesmaids will walk down the aisle adorned in bold, beautiful shades of coral, vibrant aqua, cheery yellow, and hot pink. (Think all colors saturated with a tropical, fun vibe!) Fashion tells the story of the world, and with colors like these, the story is bright and exciting!

Want to keep your newfound optimism down to a roar? There are plenty of choices for you too! The more subtle bride will have her own “now” palette from which to choose. A delicate, muted grouping featuring blush pink, soft gold, slate blue, creamy champagne, and celery green will make her bridesmaids shine on her special day. And let’s not forget the newest neutral of the season: navy blue!

It looks like the spring 2011 bride can have it all– the promise of a brilliant future and ample choices in creating just the right atmosphere to begin her journey.

Happy planning!