Is the Royal Wedding Giving You Ideas?

It’s almost impossible to ignore. The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is not just the talk of the town, it’s the talk of the world. If you don’t know the latest news about the impending nuptials, you probably haven’t seen a newspaper, listened to the radio, spent time online or watched TV in the last 24 hours. The question is—are you excited or do you wish it would just go away?

I imagine many brides-to-be here in the US are putting their inspiration boards together at this very moment, using photos and images of anything and everything that will be included in wedding, like the invitations, her gown (a surprise until Friday!), the venues, the china and tabletop, her bridesmaid dresses, etc. Needless to say, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see the wedding favors for this big British bash.

Until then, I can give you some terrific ideas for adding a royal touch to your wedding plans with elegant favors inspired by a small detail in the House of Windsor coat of arms. As you know, Windsor is the last name of the royal family, but since we’re all on a first-name basis with this particular family, it’s easy to forget.

If you look closely at the coat of arms, you’ll see a crown of red and gold just above the shield, and the crown has a lion standing above it. Inside the crown are two gold fleur-de-lis—a centuries-old symbol of royalty and honor. Kate Aspen designers have used the “lily flower” (fleur-de-lis in English) to create a stunning collection of favors for you.

You can choose from a rich-looking chrome spreader, a gleaming metal bookmark, lovely scented soap, an aristocratic bottle stopper, a regal place card/photo holder, frosted-glass photo coasters and an exquisite frosted-glass tea light holder.

You can be sure I’ll be up at 4AM Eastern time to take in the festivities from beginning to end. Let me know if you need me to give you a wake-up call that morning so you can tune in, too! After the wedding, I’d love to hear your impressions! Loved it? Not so much? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Planning!