Our Time-Tested Recipe for Fabulous Favors!

We don’t even have to keep it a secret, because no one can come close to duplicating Kate Aspen’s superb edible favors. That’s great news for you, because the popularity of edible favors is skyrocketing! Without further ado, here’s our can’t-miss recipe:


A dash of Imagination
A pinch of practicality
1 brimming cup of creative design
1 gallon of guest appreciation
Unlimited spoonfuls of deliciousness
Personalize to taste


Mix all the ingredients together, place in ultra-clever gift-packaging and serve.*
*Makes as many servings as you want!


What makes this recipe super-special is that the same exact ingredients go into a diverse collection of favors. Have you discovered our mega-tasty, thirst-quenching drink mixes? Every one of our four flavorful beverages in a box will make you crave a queen-size glass right this minute!

Let’s start with “Main Squeeze” Lemonade Mix—just the thing for your summer event, beach wedding or backyard barbecue! Cute, breezy colors, and don’t you just adore the little umbrella! Guests go home with sweet memories and their next day’s pitcher of heat-quelling, gourmet lemonade!

Another warm-weather winner is “Razzle Dazzle” Raspberry Iced Tea Mix, and yes, the package has that iconic umbrella. In fact, all our drink-mix boxes have the signature umbrella that shouts “liquid splendor!” Razzle-dazzle, indeed! You’d like some right now, wouldn’t you—even in the middle of winter? That’s how tempting it is!

Fear not! We haven’t forgotten those who take their thirst-quenching a tad more seriously. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a few “Mix & Mingle” Key Lime Margaritas the day after your hotter-than-the-Fourth-of-July festivities! Guests will remember your big day fondly (unless, of course, they enjoy a few too many margaritas…)

When it’s just you and the girls—a bridal shower, girls’ night out, a bachelorette party—you’ll be the toast of the town when you gift them with our “Bottoms Up!” Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mix. We don’t have to tell you why. It’s just a thoughtful way to keep the good times going a little longer. Talk about an after-party!

Looking for something a little sweeter to spread around? We’ve got your back with the best!

Once again, toasting is almost always involved, but not the kind that goes along with raised glasses. Let your guests wake up to an unbelievable breakfast the next day by thanking them with Kate Aspen’s “Spread the Love” Gourmet Strawberry Jam or “Meant to Bee” Gourmet Clover Honey. There’s also a baby-shower version of both, with a personalized label on the clover honey that says “Sweet as Can Bee!” Mmmmmm!

Edible favors are never wasted or thrown away—well, the packaging might be, but the goodie within is usually enjoyed not long after they’re taken from the table. That’s the true beauty of edible favors.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to get something to eat. We’ll be back soon (probably with the tantalizing scent of strawberry jam on our breath!)


Happy planning!