Picking Pastels for the Party of a Lifetime

We already know that your wedding plans depend less on trends and more on your own personal taste, right? The truth is that whatever you choose to include in your wedding has probably been a trend at one time or another. Trends never go away—they simply build on all the options you have. You merely have to decide which ones make you happy. Now, about pastels—not a trend, just an option—with a bit of a new twist.

Pastels have been part of wedding palettes forever, but until recent years, they’ve taken a back seat to traditional white or ivory for wedding gowns. If you want to give your wedding guests something to talk about—in a good way—cast off that snow-white wedding dress and put your bride-to-be bod in an eye-popping pastel gown certain to take their breath away.

If you’ve never seen a pastel wedding gown, take a look at these lovelies!

If you’d rather not make a clean break from tradition, you can always add pastel accents by choosing a gown with a pastel sash or pastel beadwork and dye your shoes to match the pastel on your gown. Still not willing to go that far? Let your bridesmaids paint the proceedings in pastels!

Now I’m going to tell you how to thank your guests with wedding favors that complement your passion for pastels. Here at Kate Aspen, we specialize in personalized favors, so you start with a remarkable variety of favors. After you’ve picked that irresistible favor, you turn your attention to our personalization options filled with pastels and, lo and behold, you’ve got a favor that puts a pinch of pastel on every table.

Now go out there and sparkle!

Happy Planning!