Something Blue… it’s Cockatoo!

Along with the anticipation of what the new year holds comes the excitement of discovering the new trends in fashion and decor. This year reveals a cool palette of hot new colors. One of the hottest colors this year is a fierce jewel tone blue dubbed Cockatoo. As with any other fashion trend, cockatoo will transition itself from the runway to the bridal world being used as a rich, classic color for 2012 nuptials.

Cockatoo, sometimes referred to as Peacock Blue, is an elegant, versatile choice for a wedding palette as it is an ultra flattering hue for all skin tones. For all dresses, short to long, you can’t go wrong with this color choice.

Along with providing a beauty boost for your bridesmaids, Cockatoo can also work well as a counterpoint for other colors. The classic bride might pair it with cool neutrals, such as grays or silvers. The more spirited bride might gravitate to the deep, vivid purples or warm oranges for a dramatic impact.

Not only is Cockatoo a great color to wear but it also makes quite a statement when used in the wedding decor. Use a cockatoo ribbon accent in a great floral bouquet for a subtle touch of trend. For the more daring, use peacock feathers in the centerpieces or floral arrangement to add a unique, memorable punch to your wedding decor.

What? You’re thinking that Cockatoo is just too bold for you? Well, don’t write it off just yet. Here are a few Kate Aspen favors in shades of blue to complement cockatoo.

Every bride looks for her “something blue” and Cockatoo may be just perfect for that new hue of something blue!

Happy planning!