The Hottest Hues for Today’s Bride

What’s the first thing most brides choose right after getting the ring? Their wedding colors! Setting the tone for the wedding day, the colors also share a bit about the couple’s personality. So, you may be wondering, “What are the most popular wedding colors this year?” According to a recent study, the must-have wedding colors for this year are blue, purple, pink and green. I would tend to agree because we’re seeing a lot of these hues all over the place. Here’s how they ranked and how you can incorporate them into your wedding with attire, accessories, wedding favors and other accents.

Blue (21.4%)

The top vote-getter was blue. A cool color that comes in a variety of shades, it’s the “IT” color this year. For a spring and summer wedding, choose bright blues, like periwinkle or turquoise. For fall and winter, consider peacock or navy. Either way, you won’t be “blue” about this hue!

Purple (14.80%)

Always festive, purple has plenty of personality! It shows its dainty side with lots of lilac and lavender, but it can also be bold and vibrant in violet. Purple can even get a little mellow when it turns into eggplant and plum. See, no matter what personality you have, you can find it in a shade of this beautiful hue.

Pink (10%)

Possibly the most positively girlie color around—ladies have had a love affair with pink since birth. So, it’s no surprise that it made the top four on the list. A lovely shade for spring and summer weddings, you can “think pink” all year long, depending on the color you pair it with. Cameo pink and black is really cool combination this year for a stylish, retro wedding.

Green (9.7%)

Evergreen is ever-gorgeous! Green is probably the most complementary color there is…it has to be since absolutely every flower in the garden with accented with green leaves! The same will hold true for your wedding, whether you choose it for your main color or just add a touch as an awesome accent. It’s a lively color that represents new life, growth and prosperity.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also share the 2011 top accent colors, as well. Brides are using white (29%), silver (20%), ivory (17.3%), green (16.5%) and blue (16.30%) to complement their favorite colors. How about you? What colors did you choose for your wedding? If you picked one of these top shades, be sure to let us know.

Happy Planning!