Three Things To Do Now That The Royal Wedding Is Over!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the royal wedding was simply beautiful. Her dress, his charm, the way they blushed on the balcony after their first kiss—it was all too cute for words. Captivating us from the announcement of their engagement, we’ve been dining on details of the wedding from the very moment she said, “Yes!” It makes you wonder, what will we do now that William and Kate’s wedding is a not-so-distant memory? Well, we’ve got a few ideas…

Give yourself the Royal Treatment!

One way to keep the royal celebration going is by giving yourself the royal treatment! A relaxing massage, soothing bath or afternoon at the spa would make any girl feel like a princess. And after all the hard work you put in following the royal wedding and getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the day unfold from beginning to end—you deserve it!

Get back to the business of planning your own wedding!

The royal wedding should have given you plenty of inspiration for your own walk down the aisle. So now that it’s over, focus on the things you loved the most and see how you can incorporate them into your special day. Whether it was her flowing gown, the horse-drawn carriage that carried them away from the ceremony or choosing custom wedding favors for their guests, you too can feel like a princess bride with William and Kate’s wedding ideas. Let us know which ones you might include. I’d love to write about them!

Start shopping for baby shower favors!

If you’re anything like the royal family, who has a history of having their first child within a year of getting married, you might just find yourself welcoming a new baby in the near future. After all, William was born barely 11 months after his Prince Charles and Diana married in 1981. And Charles himself was born almost exactly a year after Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip married in 1947. Jump on the baby bandwagon and check out our collection of adorable baby shower favors. From “Born to be Wild” to “Cute as a Button,” you’ll find a theme that is perfect for your little prince or princess.

Happy Planning!


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