Wedding Favors? Take Your Best Shot!

Be the star of your own wedding favors and personalize them without a single name or date! It begins with favors fashioned for picture-perfection—place card holders and frames.

Wait a minute. Place card holders?

Two-for-One Practicality!

Most place card holders are designed to have an afterlife when your wedding is over. When guests take them home, they’ll have, along with all the memories, a meaningful way to display a photo—the one you give them or their own.

A photo frame can start out as a place card holder and end its journey in the home of a guest, showcasing a favorite family photo. Of course, you always have the option of starting them out as photo holders, too. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few of our top picks for favors totally made for smiling faces!

Posing for the Elegant Event…

Put a photo of you and your groom—smiling and happy—in one of these gorgeous frames, and we guarantee your guests will smile right back. We’re particularly fond of the Black Baroque and White Baroque photo frames. Depending on your color scheme, you might take a shine to the “Silver Pearls” frame, the “Golden Brocade” coasters or the “Elegant Arc” frame.

Earth-Friendly Frame Work

Save the planet and look sensational while you’re at it with the smartly styled “Breezy Bamboo” frame or “Shells by the Sea”—authentic seashells with a slot for a shot—or a place card. (Outstanding table décor for your beach wedding, too!)

Perfectly Seasoned

We’re just going to show you photos of four photo-friendly favors—you can match the favor with the season. (Hint: The Topiary favor is unbelievably popular for the season right around the corner.)

Going Out on a Whim

Want a bit of whimsy on your reception tables? Get in the game with the ultra-cool, ridiculously regal “Check Mate!” Chess King and Queen, make beautiful music together with silvery “Love Songs” or take it nice and easy with the “Beach Memories” Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Frame.

With all the new, digital techniques to take photos (tablet computers, palm pilots, phones, etc.), people are up to their gigabytes in snapshots, so you’d be doing your guests a great service by providing a snappy, decorative way to display even one! And you’re getting married—you should be smiling all the time these days! Click!

Happy Planning!