Wedding In The Sky

Kate Aspen love the unique and unusual - and if you're looking for an unusual place to get married, you're going to love this article!


Ever felt like you just wanted to cut loose and get married in some place totally different – not the park, not Las Vegas, not the zoo, not the chapel – something really, really extraordinary- mind-boggling even? You know what I’m talking about – a ceremony in a location so absolutely unforgettable that your friends and family will talk about for years and years and years…

Well guess what? We have just the tip for you! See how this strikes your fancy.

Seriouslya fantabulous wedding ceremony suspended in the sky! And once you’ve confirmed your vows before friends and family, you quite literally “take the leap.”

All this wedding gloriosity is brought to you by:

who also bring you Dinner In The Sky, Showbiz In The Sky, and – well – almost any event you can think of “In The Sky.” And as long as you have a space that will accommodate the equipment, you can pretty much arrange your wedding anywhere around the world!

Interested? Click the banner above to go to their website for details. They’re quite pleasant to work with, which only completes the perfection of your day.

And the perfect wedding favors for the event? We’re thinking birds – love birds specifically!

Happy Planning!