What do I put in a Favor Box?


Number One question right now seems to be – What do I put in a Favor Box?

Favor boxes are, by nature, tiny beings, exquisitely small and charming, and intended to enhance table decor, carry out a wedding theme, and say a gracious thank you to all their recipients. That’s a lot for a little box, wouldn’t you say? Oh! And also, at times, they’re meant to be terribly clever.

So “tiny by nature” means you need to be creative by nature when you fill a favor box. I’ve got some ideas for you!

bfly Traditional: Jordan Almonds

Plain white, pink, green, foil-wrapped – they’re available in all manner of flavors. But why almonds? Here’s the short version: the bittersweet taste of fresh almonds represents life. The candy coating is added with the wish that the newlywed’s life together will be more sweet than bitter. It’s a European/Arabic/Greek tradition that I’ll cover one day. But you get the idea.

palm Sweet treat: Truffles (or other chocolates)

Truffles are chocolate decadence available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and ingredients. If you have a chocolatier in the neighborhood, have them design just the perfect truffle for you – like a dove shape airbrushed in white, or a heart, flower – you name it! Drop one exquisite piece in each box but be careful in your choices. Mushy chocolates smear a good presentation. Hard shell is preferred and, if you’re having an outdoor event in the summer – forget chocolates. Melt-city!

asian Chocolate alternative, but still sweet: Exotic candies

Or not so exotic – just tasty! Lemon drops – always a favorite! Jelly Bellies, or what about a custom-made hard candy just for your special occasion? There are people out there who will make them for you – just Google “logo candies” to find resources near you.


can Step away from the sugar!

A little symbolism goes a long way with seeds or bulbs. Favored flower seeds are a favor box favorite! Tuck in a little handwritten note with growing instructions.

star An original surprise (or several!)

Oh I love this one – Custom Fortune Cookies! MyLuckyFortune.com (or several others) will create a special fortune cookie with your customized message to tuck inside a favor box. How special!

favorof Charity

Sometimes favor boxes hold a special thought, or plant a special idea and leave a warm feeling. Do you have a special charity? Make a donation to your charity before the wedding in the names of all your guests, and then slip a little note about it, like “because you are special to us, a donation was made to….in your honor.” You can also add a URL where they can learn more about your charity, and maybe make a donation of their own!

travel Whimsical

Destination wedding? How about a little travel tin favor container? Fill with customized M & Ms in your chosen colors for a terribly clever thank you that will be the talk of your reception!

Happy filling!


Fabulous Favors by Kate Aspen