What Makes a Wedding Favor “Effective”?

To be honest, I never thought of “wedding favors” as “effective”. Impressive? Yes. Thoughtful? That, too. Memorable? Certainly. It wasn’t until I saw the two connected in a blog post promising the secret to “obtaining effective wedding favors” that I began to contemplate wedding favors as effective…or not. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What makes a wedding favor effective?” I believe an effective wedding favor:

• Complements Your Theme
I can only assume you’ve chosen your wedding theme because it has special significance for you and your groom. Wine aficionados hosting their reception at a winery/vineyard have lots of wine wedding favor options. Same for beach, French, Italian, Asian, fairy tale, heart wedding favors and seasonal themes.

• Complements Your Wedding Palette

Unique wedding favors come in a wide range of colors, so matching your wedding favors with your color scheme is a snap. Lots of favor boxes can be tied with satin ribbon (unpersonalized or personalized!), and you’ll usually have a choice of colors to make it match. Count on metallic favors in silver or gold to complement almost every wedding palette.

• Adds to Your Table Décor

If you’ve set an elegant tabletop for your reception, you’ll want to use an elegant wedding favor to enhance the overall impact. Wedding receptions with a laid-back or whimsical ambiance call for cheerful favors that relate to the theme or the setting. Candle favours create a special ambiance when they’re lit on your tables.

• Conveys Heartfelt Meaning and Gratitude

Wedding favors are more than just souvenirs of your big moment. You speak to your guests through them. They tell guests a little something about you as a couple, and favors impart your message of thanks—a message that, with just the right favor, continues to offer thanks long after your guests take them home, which brings up the next attribute of an effective favor…

• Goes Home with Your Guests

Let’s just say you’re not buying favors for the staff that removes the dishes and tablecloths after your event is over. Guests should eat edible favors. A practical wedding favor—wine bottle stoppers, glass coasters, luggage tags, etc.—should go home with your guests and be used. They make the moment last!

• Doesn’t Break Your Budget

Wedding favors don’t have to be pricey to be effective. Here at Kate Aspen, we begin every favor design with the features of an effective favor in mind. And we’re happy to say the effect is always positive!

Happy (and Effective!) Planning!