Winter Wedding Memories

Favorite winter wedding memories from Kate Aspen.



Looking over our winter wedding favors the other day, we talked about winter weddings we’ve attended. The consensus was that winter weddings are few, but usually truly spectacular. The stories we shared gave me a great idea for a blog post, so here I go with the five best winter wedding memories from our Product Development meeting. Maybe you can pick up an idea or two from the ones that impressed us the most?


You may think the wedding was a total failure if Soup was the lasting impression but oh no!

“…a beautiful winter wedding – everything was white like snow. The bridesmaids wore forest green satin dresses with white sashes, the flowers were all white – gardenias, white roses, stephanotis – the wedding dinner was white everything! It was really cold outside, but the first course at dinner was the Grandmother’s recipe for Italian Wedding Soup! Sadly, her grandmother passed away several years ago. The menu cards each had a recipe for the soup. It was so poignant! I still make that soup in cold weather!”


sleighYes, that’s right. Guests were treated to a sleigh ride from the parking lot to the reception hall at one Ohio wedding that Gina attended. White horses, jingle bells and faux fur lap blankets for every guest as they were whisked up the hill to the banquet! Gina says this set the flavor for the day in a gorgeous way and yes, a light snow was falling as well. So perfect!


iceNow Amanda had a particularly spectacular memory. One of her sorority sisters got married in December last year down on the Alabama coast at Point Clear, a beautiful old hotel near Fairhope. The centerpiece for the reception was a huge ice sculpture of a swan. The wings formed an ice bowl, which was filled with fresh boiled shrimp straight from the Gulf. Amanda said it was the most awesome thing she’s ever seen!


fireUpstate New York, a magnificent old hunting lodge, snow and ice outside, and a casual wedding set before a large stone fireplace – Christina’s favorite winter wedding memory. After the ceremony, the guests settled into enjoy a sumptuous buffet in the large room, with pheasant and all the rich trimmings of the season. Christina bets you could’ve easily fit the entire wedding (50 guests) easily into the fireplace (provided it was empty, of course). The roaring fire made the whole event both cosy and exciting!


pineMy favorite winter wedding memory doesn’t have so much to do with decor or what everyone wore, but of the fragrance of the day, I guess you could say. A ski resort in Colorado, in front of enormous picture windows looking out over the slopes. There was a pretty good snow going, so the view was extravagant! The entire room was draped in hand-woven bows of fresh pine with pinecones and small berries. The aroma was incredible!

Soup, sleighs, ice sculptures, roaring fires and the aroma of fresh pine needles – pretty good high points for our winter wedding memories, don’t you think? We design our winter wedding favors to keep those memories fresh for years to come!