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The Coolest CEO! (ever)

Jennifer Fallon, CEO of The Aspen Brands Company, accepting her award at the Ernst & Young 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta.  Isn’t she just the BEST?  You GO girl!    All of us here are just so proud […]  

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Autumn Brides

If you ask any person on the street, they’ll tell you that Summer is the prime time for weddings – June in particular.  And while that’s quite the “high season”, you’d be amazed at the number of brides that choose Fall for their wedding season.  As a matter […]  

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We’ve been blessed (Part I)

with two weddings in our Kate Aspen family in June.  Both Brooke and Skip got married within 3 weeks of each other, and oh how we all enjoyed the preparations leading up to both beautiful ceremonies.  Brooke’s pictures aren’t in yet but when they are, […]  

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Asian Inspiration

A Chinese friend of mine pointed out today that I neglected to mention Chinese inspirations in my Asian Influence.  I wouldn’t consider it neglect exactly – I just got so caught up in eastern traditions that I plain ran out of time.  So today I’m making […]  

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