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Kitchen Showers!

We stay in touch with our Brides through surveys and research – and I have to say the most important “happening” right now seems to be the Kitchen Shower.  What a glorious way to celebrate the upcoming wedding, and what a wonderful way to help the […]  

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It’s a Shoe Thing!

All Hail the All-Important Wedding Shoe!   Oh no – these are not just tucked underneath a gown – they’re the icing on the sassy-cake, and if you don’t believe me – ask any sassy-girl on the street! Brooke, our second June Bride-to-Be here at the office, […]  

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Chandelier Inspirations!

I’m fascinated by chandeliers and that ambiance of old-world glamour and grandeur they bring to a room.  As a matter of fact, part of our 2009 Collection came about because I’m so enthralled with these sparkling crystal creations! And with all the Vintage inspiration in vogue […]

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You are cordially invited …

     You know we stay in touch with Brides, and since this is “high season” for wedding plans, I thought you might like to know what’s on the minds of our two “Kate Aspen” brides.  That’s right, we have two blushing June brides-to-be on staff! Right […]

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