Botanical Garden Décor Sign Kit (Set of 8)


Botanical Garden Décor Sign Kit (Set of 8)

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1 Review
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This item is discontinued.

Features and Facts:

  • The Botanical Garden party signs have an arrangement of greenery and white flowers around the outer edges with gold foil lettering and accents.
  • Green, White and Gold.
  • Sold in sets of 8.
  • Sign # 1 reads: "Drinks, Please Help Yourselves".
  • Sign # 2 reads: "Cards & Gifts, Thank You".
  • Sign # 3 reads: "Favors, Please Take One".
  • Sign # 4 reads: "Love is Sweet, Please Take a Treat".
  • Sign # 5 reads: "Welcome to the Celebration".
  • Sign # 6 reads: "Please Sign our Guestbook, Thank You".
  • Sign # 7 reads: "Share the Love, #______".
  • Sign # 8 reads: "Tasty Bites, Please Enjoy".
  • Each cardstock sign includes a kickstand on the back.
  • Signs measure 12.0" w x 0.1" d x 8.5" h
  • Packaging measures 13.6" w x 0.2" d x 9.3" h
  • Some easy customer assembly required. Instructions included.

Our beautifully designed Botanical Garden Décor Sign Kit (Set of 8) was designed with both the host and the guest in mind. It is great to not have to worry about giving each guest a tour of the entire party. And now you don't! Our sign kit answers so many frequently asked questions while bringing the beauty of having an arrangement of green foliage and white roses and gold foil lettering and details.

This party décor kit includes 8 different pre-printed signs including: "Welcome to the Celebration", "Favors, Please Take One", "Please Sign our Guestbook, Thank You", "Share the Love, #______", "Cards & Gifts, Thank You", "Tasty Bites, Please Enjoy", "Drinks, Please Help Yourselves", and a "Love is Sweet, Please Take a Treat".

All signs are ready straight from the box and have a collapsible kickstand, making the party set up a breeze. Traveling to a destination bridal shower venue, or going to your besties house down the street for a champagne brunch, these party signs can come out of or back in the package in no time. Spend more time with your family and friends and enjoy your special occasion!