Geometric Floral Bridal Shower 5-Pack Game Card Set (30 sheets each)

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Geometric Floral Bridal Shower 5-Pack Game Card Set (30 sheets each)

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Features and Facts:

  • Sold in sets of 5 games.
  • Each game contains 30 game cards each.
  • 150 cards total included.
  • White cardstock faceted shape card with floral print and faux gold glitter. Dark gray printed text outlines game section for guests to fill out. Games included: Word Scramble, Bingo, Bride or Groom, Mad Libs, and Wishes for the Bride.
  • Measurements: 5.75" w x 5.75" d x 2.5" h
  • Packaged Measurements: 5.79" w x 5.79" d x 2.36" h
  • Shrink wrap with sticker packaging.

Bridal shower games are where the fun is at when you want to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. Our bridal shower activity set is full of options for fun with many different card games for all ages to play. The five card games give you endless options for giggles and amusement with your friends and family! Games include Bingo, word scrambles, bride or groom Mad Libs, and heartfelt wishes for the new couple your guests can fill out and can be brought home with you to read. These games are sure to be entertaining for all ages and laughs are guaranteed. The five card set pack is adaptable to the occasion and can make your guests' day with fun for all! You can set up the games any way you choose! Maybe a few tables can play one game while the others play the rest so you can multiple games going at one time! The versatile options are endless when you have five games to choose from. Encourage your guests to leave a memory note the bride and groom can read when they get home. This hilarious set of card games can be reused for anniversary parties and more. Each card holds the built in idea of making sure your guests have a great day at your party. This Geometric Floral Bridal Shower card set from Kate Aspen keeps the memories alive of the special event.