Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish

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Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish

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Kate Aspen's Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish is the perfect ring trinket dish for your new Mrs. title! You will need a place to keep your engagement and wedding rings and what better place than a cute wedding ring dish. With such feminine pink and gold colors, we are certain your better half won't try to snag it away. Not to mention, it's already perfectly labeled just for you! If you already have a jewelry bag or armoire in your room, this is a great dish to keep by your entry bench or kitchen corner. We don't want to get our rings tarnished when we're doing some housework, so it's always nice to have a little storage place. That way you'll never worry about losing it. Now that's a fear all of us girls have! Your bling will be safe with this Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish.

Features and Facts:

  • 1 pink and gold ceramic trinket dish
  • Blush pink ceramic oval trinket dish with gold foil border and features gold foil decals that say "Miss" crossed out and "Mrs." below it. Decal is placed on center of dish.
  • Measurements: 4.1" w x 4.6" d x 0.6" h
  • Packaged Measurements: 4.33" w x 5.04" d x 1.02" h