3 Exciting Bridal Shower Games + Printables!

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration where the bride’s closest family and friends come together in anticipation of the upcoming nuptials! And while the food and gifts may take up a large portion of the event, it’s important to have fun, theme-related games for guests to play. Here are three exciting bridal shower games — with free printables — to use at your next shower!

Bridal Bingo

Everybody loves bingo! It’s even more fun when the game incorporates the bride-to-be’s gift unwrapping. To play Bridal Bingo, each guest is asked to fill out the squares on the bingo board with items he or she thinks the bride-to-be will receive. If the bride opens a gift on the board, the guest can put down a chip. It’s a game of pure chance, but it makes present time a ton of fun.

Bridal Bingo | Bridal Shower Games | Kate Aspen

Download: Bridal Bingo Printable- Pink and Gold
Bridal Bingo Printable- Garden

Bridal Mad Libs

We loved playing Mad Libs as kids, and we love playing it now! In this extra special version of Mad Libs, each guest will “help the bride-to-be write her wedding vows.” Fill in random nouns, verbs, adjectives and more to keep it interesting! We guarantee everyone at the bridal shower will be laughing so hard they cry when you read them all aloud. (Warning: Using these as real vows could result in a very awkward wedding ceremony!)

Bridal Mad Libs | Bridal Shower Games | Kate Aspen

Download: Mad Libs Printable- Garden

Bride or Groom?

Who knows the couple best? In this game, each guest will have to decide whether the phrase or action pertains to the bride or groom. You may be surprised to find out who wears the pants in the relationship!

Bride or Groom? | Bridal Shower Games | Kate Aspen

Download: Bride or Groom Printable- Pink and Gold
Bride or Groom Printable- Garden

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Which of these games would you choose to play at your bridal shower? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy (Bridal Shower) Planning!