The Perfect Garden Party

The Perfect Garden Party
Hello my beautiful friends. It's me Kathrine Aspen, but my friends call me Kate.  Here in my sweet little town I am always getting invited to the sweetest events.  Recently I went to the cutest Garden Party celebrating this lovely weather we have been havin'.  My hostess was recently married and used many of the decorations again at this party in so many creative ways.  Here are a few of my favorites that I snapped a couple pictures of.
The Perfect Garden Party - floral coasters, paper plates, and napkins
The Perfect Garden Party - 9" paper plates
 These plates are even more beautiful up close.  There is gold rimming the plates. The color of the flowers were so vibrant they actually made the food look prettier, if you can believe that.  These plates if I recall she also used at her bridal shower.  I love tableware that enhances your tablescape.
The Perfect Garden Party - 7" paper plates
 Can you just stand these darlin' little plates.  Let's be honest, just lookin' at this table setting was satisfyin' Everything coordinated, but was unique it just made my brain so happy. 
The Perfect Garden Party - paper napkins
 Okay now normally I would not be shown' you a picture of napkins, but let me tell you these are some hard workin' napkins.  Not only are the beautiful, but they are thick and absorbent.  Once you go top shelf you can't go back, that includes napkins.
The Perfect Garden Party  - colored glass favor jar votives with lid
These jars were just about the cutest things there, except for all the beautiful children runnin' around.  My generous hostess filled these sweet little jars with little Jordan almonds.  It was just about the sweetest gesture.