4 Home Decor Pieces for Autumn and Winter

As the weather starts to get crisp and the leaves drop from surrounding trees, the decorations that your home has been sporting are now out-of-season. Put away your brightly colored throw pillows and daisy-embroidered throw. Looking for ways to decorate your place for autumn and winter? These home decor pieces embrace the rustic nature of autumn and winter and even provide some warm, romantic lighting.

1. Black Hexagon Mini Lanterns

The colder months are all about feeling warm and cozy as the air gets blistery outside your windows. Provide some warm lighting with mini lanterns. These black scalloped lanterns come in packs of six so you can pepper them throughout your living room.

 2. Rustic Wood Picture Holders

While our wood place card holders are made for assigned seating at events, they are beautifully multi-purpose. Prop your favorite pictures in these wood holders and place them on your mantel or sideboard.  They're made of real wood and mimic the rustic nature just outside your door.

 3. White Antler Bottle Opener

Any home bar or drink setup could use an aesthetically pleasing bottle opener. Put this rustic white antler bottle opener with your barware. The sleek white keeps this tool looking chic.

 4. Antique White Lanterns

Once snow starts to float down from the sky and stick to the ground below, start decorating with white to match the bright whiteness of your surroundings. These antique white lanterns have a distinct winter feel. They even look great with holiday-themed decorations.