6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Engagement season is well under way, but once your man pops the question your job is hardly done. Next it’s time to ask your girls! Will you be my bridesmaid?

Much like a marriage proposal, asking your besties to be your bridesmaids takes a lot of thought and preparation! Who should I ask? When should I ask? And what should I get them?! Well we’re here to make that last question a little bit simpler. Here are 6 bridesmaids gifts your girls will absolutely love!

1. Personalized Tumblers

Personalized tumblers are the perfect bridesmaids gift because they’re functional, personal and trendy! Your girls will love the thought you put into having each of their names printed on these adorable gifts. Plus, Kate Aspen’s acrylic tumblers come in a ton of different patterns and designs. So whether your bridesmaid-to-be prefers hearts or flowers (or none of the above!) there is something to choose from.

Personalized Acrylic Tumblers | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

2. “I Do Crew” Drink Sleeves

Whether you’re drinking a soda or an IPA, drinks taste so much better cold. So why not give your “I Do Crew” a fun gift that keeps their drinks cool on even the hottest of days! These insulated drink sleeves will be especially useful during your bachelorette weekend!

I Do Crew Insulated Drink Sleeves | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

3. Canvas Totes

Whether they’re packing for your bachelorette weekend or for your big day, your best friends will appreciate an extra tote to carry their things! These canvas totes are durable and adorable, and have the word “bridesmaid” printed in gold foil. Plus, they can be personalized to make this gift even more special!

Gold Foil Bridesmaid Canvas Tote | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

4. Canvas Makeup Bag

Remind your girls how beautiful they are with a Hello Gorgeous canvas makeup bag! It’s the perfect gift to hold all of the beauty products they’ll need on your special day. You can either throw it in the matching Team Bride canvas tote bag or gift it on its own.

Hello Gorgeous Canvas Makeup Bag | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

5. Kimono Robes

These gifts might be just as much a gift for you as it is for them, but it’s ok to be a little selfish on your big day! You’ll love having photos of you and your girls getting ready for the wedding in matching robes. So why not give them as a bridesmaid gift? With two colors to choose from and a lace trim, there’s no way they won’t love these elegant kimono robes.

Elegant Lace Kimono Robe | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

6. Classic Wedding Survival Kit

We all hope the big day goes off without a hitch, but always its better to be safe than sorry! This wedding survival kit comes equipped with everything you and your bridal party would possibly need to fix any last minute hair, nail, cosmetic or fashion emergencies. You’ll all be a little less stressed knowing you have this kit in your back pocket!

Classic Wedding Survival Kit | 6 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love | Kate Aspen

Which of these bridesmaids gifts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning!