6 Party Ideas for The Perfect Boozy Birthday

You don’t have to be a kid to have an awesome and memorable birthday celebration! Even when you’re well into adulthood, the appeal of spending a night with friends out on the town or at home will get you ready to celebrate. So skip the brightly colored balloons and party hats of your childhood and go for a more adult-friendly get-together: A boozy birthday!

1. Your Signature Drink

This is a special night, so make it “extra” with a signature drink. This boozy beverage should represent the guest of honor. Maybe you’re a big fan of margaritas and spicy food? Make one unique by adding spicy sriracha. You could even make a simpler signature drink by tinting your favorite craft beer with food dye that matches your favorite color. Make sure you have enough of the ingredients so everyone can have a taste.

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2. Pair Food and Drink

Wine and cheese, beer and nuts–there are some food and drink combinations that are matches made in heaven. When you’re planning snacks for your boozy birthday, reach for the perfect pairing. If wine is your drink of choice, arrange cheeses, smoked meats and olives for a charcuterie board. Or, if you’re drinking Coronas and margaritas, try a taco or nacho bar.

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3. Make Lasting Memories

Photo booths aren’t just for weddings and high school reunions. Make your own photo booth with a personalized backdrop and a box of random props, like hats, glasses and fake mustaches.

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4. Break the Pinata

You never quite grew out of the joy you get from busting a pinata, right? Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t break out a heavy stick and get whacking. In addition to candy (because who doesn’t like a few sweets?) fill up the birthday pinata with travel-sized bottles of booze, confetti and even a handful of favors.

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5. Sweeten Up the Shots

You’ve had Jell-o shots before, but those were the boozy desserts of your early 20s. If you’re more inclined toward a slightly fancier boozy dessert, go for pudding shots instead. Mix vodka with strawberry syrup and cheesecake pudding for a tasty and devilish shot of sweetness. Check out the recipe. Not a fan of strawberry? Any pudding flavor works. For instance, Bailey’s and chocolate pudding go great together!

Pudding Shots | 6 Party Ideas for The Perfect Boozy Birthday | Kate AspenThe Sweetest Occasion

6. Decorate in Black, White and Gold

Looking for a sophisticated color palette for your boozy birthday? Black, white and gold look great no matter the age or the decade. Include some sparkles in your party decorations and you’re good to go.

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Are you planning your own boozy birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning!