6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials

So you’ve committed to throwing the best Halloween party of the season. Great! Unfortunately, you may feel like you’ve committed to a bit too much. After all, you don’t want to forget any of the essentials as you decorate and cater your haunted shindig. If you’re in the need for a bit of spooky inspiration, we’ve come up with some must-haves to transform a boring Halloween party into something friends and family will come to every year. Get everything you need from our Halloween Collection and beyond.

1. Decorate with a Theme in Mind

Sure, you’re having a Halloween party, but that theme is pretty broad. Instead, narrow your focus to a specific aspect of Halloween that you love. For instance, embrace a witch theme by serving food in cauldrons and decking out the walls with old, witchy brooms. Other fun themes include ghosts, a haunted house or a graveyard.

Witch Halloween Party Theme | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

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2. Serve Sweet Snacks

Let’s face it: Halloween is most know for it’s sweet treats. Guests will be disappointed if they don’t find something sugary to munch on, in addition to savory foods. While it’d be easy to pick up a couple bags of candy, take the extra steps to make something special for the event. Even normal foods can be turned into something spooky with creative signage, like these “spider eggs,” which are really just powdered donut holes.

Spider Eggs Sweet Treats | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

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3. Keep the Drinks Coming

Autumn, above all other times of year, is known for its seasonal drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. Skip the generic drinks and get yours themed for your party. Hot apple cider, hot cocoa, pumpkin punch or this skeleton sangria all have a place here.

Skeleton Sangria | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen


Make things extra special by handing out commemorative glass mugs. They can be personalized for your Halloween party and they hold both hot and cold drinks alike. They also double as party favors.

Personalized Mason Jar Mugs | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

4. Provide Last-Minute Costumes

Even when you announce that you’re having a costume party, there are always a few stragglers who come in their everyday clothes. They won’t have any excuses if you have a box of last-minute costumes, though! Add cowboy hats, plastic vampire fangs, fake police badges and a sheet so someone can be a ghost. Sure, it may not win them a costume contest, but at least they won’t feel left out from all the fun.


5. Hand Out Party Favors

You don’t want your guests to leave empty-handed. Hand out Halloween-themed party favors, like these bottle stoppers. They come personalized, so you can keep the Halloween memories for years to come!

Personalized Halloween Bottle Stoppers | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

6. Announce Awards

Some people put a lot of effort into their Halloween costumes. Award the effort, creativity and originality of the best Halloween costumes with an award or two.

Halloween Costume Photo Booth | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

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So what do you award the winners of your Halloween costume contest? While a trophy is nice, it’s better to get them something they’ll actually use, like this pumpkin-shaped cheeseboard.

Pumpkin Cheeseboard | 6 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials | Kate Aspen

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Happy Planning!

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