6 Ways to Create Dazzling Reception Tables

Decorating a table for a special occasion is not for the faint-hearted. It has truly become an art! From choosing a color palette, to finding the decor, to placing the items just the right way, setting reception tables requires a certain set of skills. So if you’re planning a wedding or other special event and need some reception table inspiration you’ve come to the right place! Here are six ways to create dazzling reception tables:

Gold Baroque

Gold is timeless. It can be modern, historic or anything in between. If you’re going for a gold look at your next event, we love this gold baroque table setting and decor. The contrast of the white room, flowers, and tablecloth against the gold decor really creates an elegant and dramatic look.

Reception Tables | Gold Baroque Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

While the items on the table might be your focus, its important to remember the little things, too. One example being the chairs. Even the most simple chairs can look elegant with proper covers. And we particularly love how this table played around with different textures!

Reception Tables | Gold Baroque Chair Covers | Casey Hendrickson Photography

It’s also important to know what the evening will bring in terms of food and drink. When choosing your table decor you must know how many plates, glasses, and utensils will be needed for the meal. Once the ‘logistics’ are taken care of, you can focus on the more fun parts of decorating, like centerpieces and votives.

Reception Tables | Gold Baroque Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography


Nothing says royal quite like a deep purple color scheme, and with the addition of flowers, candles, and sequins you are well on your way to hosting a romantic evening.

Reception Tables | Plum Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

One of the most important parts in achieving this look is the lighting. In contrast to the gold baroque reception table above, this one is dark and mysterious. Most of the light comes from candles. When choosing your candle holders and votives its fun to play around with different sizes, colors, and textures. The larger, clear candle holders are great for adding light while the smaller, patterned ones add beautiful decoration.

Reception Tables | Plum Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography

And if you think all glassware is the same, then we’re here to change your mind! The shape, size, color, texture, and pattern can all impact the overall look of your table.

Reception Tables | Plum Glassware | Casey Hendrickson Photography


Planning a spring or beach wedding? Aqua is the perfect color! For an extra pop of color, add in some light pink or coral hues.

Reception Tables | Aquamarine Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

A great way to add in those pops of color is with table numbers, utensils and – if you’re lucky enough to find the right color – wine bottles.

Reception Tables | Aquamarine Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography

And with a spring theme such as this one, you would be remiss not to give some love to your centerpieces. Infuse a bit of your “pop” color into a white flower arrangement to keep it simple yet elegant. And tea light holders large and small can come together to finish off your tables.

Reception Tables | Aquamarine Center Piece | Casey Hendrickson Photography

Bold & Bright

When it comes to bold colors, you must have a go big or go home mentality. While you probably want to limit your core color palette to one or two colors, don’t be afraid to pull in a few others, too! This reception table does a great job of that, focusing on the pink and orange with sprinkles of purple and green.

Reception Tables | Bold and Bright Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography

But with that said, its always a good idea to add white and other simple decor to your bold themes. This will help balance out each of the elements.

Reception Tables | Bold and Bright Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

Classic White

If you are hosting a winter event or simply want to throw a classic affair, you can’t go wrong with white and silver for your table setting.

Reception Tables | Classic White Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

The key to a classic white reception table is the details. Textured tablecloths, patterned dishes, sparkly votives, and more will be what makes your decor unforgettable.

Reception Tables | Classic White Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography


The color pink and roses are often associated with romance, so its no wonder this next reception table is making us feel the love!

Reception Tables | Romantic Reception Table | Casey Hendrickson Photography

In an elegant setting such as this, it is important to keep your color palette simple. Soft and sweet colors will do the trick. Focus on textures like florals, glass, glitter, and pearls to create a romantic reception table.

Reception Tables | Romantic Table Setting | Casey Hendrickson Photography


Photographer: Casey Hendrickson Photography | Venue: The Duke Mansion | Design & Decor: Carolinas Luxury Event Rentals | Floral Designer: Chelish Moore Flowers | Invitation Designer: Jasmin Black | Heirlooms & Extras: Evermore – Classic and Vintage Rentals | Event Designer: RoShel Events | Ceremony Location: Separk Mansion | Invitation Designer: Sweetest Beginnings

Which of these reception tables are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!