8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas

Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower or engagement party, there’s one thing that unites all guests at one of these shindigs: The desire for some killer desserts. Embrace the love of sweets by having a dessert themed party! Deck out the party with colorful decorations, a killer dessert table and party favors that are sure to be a hit with guests.

1. Embrace the Pastel Rainbow

Colors for candy and other sweet treats span the entire rainbow. Embrace the trendy pastel rainbow palette as you decorate your venue. Maybe add a touch of unicorn themed decorations to create a truly magical affair!

Pastel Unicorn Themed Party | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenKiss With Style

2. Work With Nature

While it’s a great idea to incorporate actual treats into your decorations, you can fancy them up with real flowers. For instance, fill glass vases with waffle cones and top those off with your most colorful bouquets of flowers.

Ice Cream Cone Centerpieces | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenTauni + Co

3. Create a Sugary-Sweet Dessert Buffet

Of course for a party this tasty, you need to add some sweet treats! Give your guests the gift of decisions with a dessert buffet. From cake pops to a delectable wall of donuts, everyone can have a taste of something they want.

Cake Pop Dessert Bar | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenStyle Me Pretty

Donut Wall | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate Aspen@bochic_weddings via Instagram

4. Have Some Treats To Go

Having jars filled with treats is a great way to add a colorful decoration and it makes for a great favor at the end of the event. When you’re writing out your shopping list for sweet treats, don’t just go for your top three desserts. Everyone has different tastes, so variety is key. Chocolate, fruity candy, fruit tarts or coconut macaroons–your guests will thank you.

Jars of Candy | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenKara’s Party Ideas

5. Let Them Eat Cake

Don’t forget the centerpiece dessert, cake! Get as creative as you can with lots of sprinkles and bright colors. Maybe even add an ice cream cone to the top to add a fun 3D effect.

Ice Cream Cake | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenCatch My Party

6. Pick a Signature Sweet Beverage

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the beverages. This dessert themed party doesn’t just need snacks to add a little sweetness. Have a signature sweet drink for the party, like this Unicorn Hot Chocolate!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenImperial Sugar

7. Don’t Forget The Toppings

Make sure guests are in charge of their own taste buds by offering a variety of toppings to add to their treats. Can it really be a dessert themed party without sprinkles?!

Bowls of Candy | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate AspenStudio DIY

8. Hand Out Useful Party Favors

Maybe you want to give your guests a gift they can treasure for a long time. Treat your guests to a practically perfect favor with a loofah favor.

Loofah Favor | 8 Simply Sweet Party Ideas | Kate Aspen

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