Amanda and Mark

Christmas Day, 2009.  She was still PJ-cozy at home with her family in Raleigh.  He was back in Atlanta with his.

Or was he?

Julia, her sister, calls her to the front of the house, “Amanda – come see!  The neighbors brought presents!”

At the front door ?  Mark, on the porch, down on one knee, ring in hand.  Ahhhh, true love!

After spending a semester studying Art and Music all over Western Europe, Amanda, one of our talented product designers, bonded with her fellow traveling Georgia Tech students.  Once back in Atlanta, they introduced her to Mark.  The attraction was instant, and the two dated for three years leading up to December 25, 2009.  It’s such a good story!

Mark’s family was completely on board in advance – scheduling their Christmas celebration a day early so Mark could make the trip. The normal six hour Atlanta to Raleigh drive took eight hours because of the weather, but Mark was on a mission!  He’d already asked Amanda’s father for his blessing, the whole family knew – shoot – the whole neighborhood knew before Amanda did!

Of course she said yes, who wouldn’t? To make it all the more poignant, her beloved Grandmother was there to witness the proposal.  She, too, had received a proposal on Christmas day, 62 years before.

They have a date, the plans are in the works, and Amanda has promised to share the journey with all of us!  So stay tuned – happy details to follow!