Amanda & Mark – Stock the Bar Party!

Come along with us as we enjoy the delightful creations at Amanda & Mark's Stock the Bar party (and we have some great favor ideas for you, too!)


When good friends gather round to plan a Stock the Bar party for an excellent couple, super-fun things happen! Mark and Amanda are uber-fortunate to have a whole crewe of clever and creative pals. Just look at the adorable decorations that seemed to come together in a effortless snap (but we know there was a whole bunch of work involved). Maybe you can pick up a few fabulous ideas for your own stock the bar party!

Color, creativity and culinary delights were on deck for the event:

Beverage stations available all around with just about every tasty drink combination you could imagine!
Decorations included:

– Sparkling lights casually draped everywhere!
– Colorful leis set the tropical theme
– Remember those lights? Pictures of Amanda and Mark, from the beginning of their dating career, were attached with tiny wooden clothespins to the cords – how darling!
– Forks, knives and spoons were available in Amanda and Mark’s favorite beverage cartons – isn’t that a fun, personal touch?

And the menu was as clever as the decorations. Look at this partial list!

– Guinness Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting
– Champagne Grapes (a special recipe – grapes marinated in sugar and champagne – yum!)
– Pulled pork
– Ham and blue cheese sandwiches
– Pasta Salad

Did we mention that Amanda and Mark are looking forward to a “feast” of a honeymoon at the Hotel Barcelona ME? Next update, we’re going to take a peek at what’s in store for them!
Hey! If you’re planning a Stock the Bar yourself, we have tons of perfect favors!
Happy planning!