Asian Inspirations

Did you know that Kate Aspen carries a wide selection of Asian wedding favors?


You’ll be delighted to see what a touch of Asian flair can do to spice up your wedding celebrations.  Just a hint here and a whiff there can add exotic elegance and excitement to your big day.  And now you can top it all off with our personalized chopstick wedding favors (just thought we’d throw that in!) Here’s a little “Asian inspiration” board just for you!

Like?  If you do, here are some fascinating facts we bet you didn’t know about chopsticks!

  • Chopsticks first appeared around 5,000 years ago
  • The first ones were probably twigs, used to remove food from cooking pots
  • By 500 A.D., their popularity had spread from China into Japan, Korea and Vietnam
  • Some believe that if you are given an uneven pair of chopsticks, you will miss a boat or plane (we measured ours very, very carefully, btw)
  • An old Korean legend has it that the closer to the end you hold your chopsticks, the longer you will stay married
  • It’s considered bad manners to rest your chopsticks pointed toward a dining companion (which is pretty tricky if you’re sitting at a round table)

Interesting, isn’t it?  And just in case you need it – a YouTube chopstick “how to” video.

Happy Asian Aspirations!

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