Baby Love! More good baby shower ideas


Jenny Nimmo’s having a baby girl! (Any day now!)

Michelle (our Skip’s twin sister) is Jenny’s 3-year-best-bud out in Abilene, Texas. They built their first houses next to each other, both their husbands fly C-130’s for the US Air Force, they shop together and do all the fun things great next door neighbors do together. So when Michelle got the Special Delivery news, she started planning the baby shower.

Even better, she agreed to share her plans with you (Michelle’s a super-great party planner, when she’s not busy teaching).

Jenny’s wee one, Melody Grace, will come home from the hospital to her nursery decorated in a theme centered around the exquisite books of Eric Carle (author of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” among others). Michelle picked right up on the theme for the baby shower, with generous assistance from her co-hostess, Dana. Here are her super-fantabulous ideas!

The Invitations


Custom printed on what else? So resourceful!

The Decorations

Oh that Michelle is a clever decorator! Eric Carle books scattered around, colorful Carle critters hanging from the chandelier, even little Miss Maddie got all gussied up for the shower!


The Menu

Fresh guacamole and chips, beautiful crisp veggies with yummy dips, plus fresh fruit for made a deliciously light and healthy meal.


The Games!

  • The Tummy Guessing Game – pass around a roll of toilet paper and ask each guess to roll out about the amount of paper that they think would just fit around the Mommy-to-be’s baby belly. Closest guess wins a prize.
  • The Ice Cube Game – Freeze little plastic babies in an ice cube tray (enough for one per guest). Serve drinks with the “baby ice” and announce that the first one who “frees” her baby from the ice cube wins a prize.
  • Baby Clothes Pin Game – As each guest arrives, give them one clothespin to wear (you can find cute ones on the internet), and explain the rules. If you hear someone say “Baby” during the party, you get their clothes pin. If some hears you say it, they get yours. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of the party wins a prize.
  • For prizes, Michelle used these (smart girl that she is!):


“About to Hatch” wisk, “World’s Greatest Mom” cheese grater, “Baby on Board” pen


Next came the absolutely adorable caterpillar cake, while Jenny opened her presents.


After a quick group photo to record the occasion, everyone left with a pink favor box full of sweet treats. These were the perfect choice because we all know what eventually happens to a very hungry caterpillar …..


Congratulations Jenny! And thank you Michelle for sharing!