Bachelorette Planning Checklist

You’ve been asked to be the maid of honor, and you’re probably thinking that the task of planning a bachelorette party will be easy. After all, you just hire a limo and buy a bunch of sassy party favors, right? Truth is, there’s a lot more to it than that. If you want your bachelorette planning to go off without a hitch, you should start your planning process at least five months before the event. In the lead-up to the bachelorette party, you’ll be handling location, travel, theme, and more. If you’re stumped, check out our free printable bachelorette planning checklist below. It’s organized by the months, weeks, and days before the bachelorette party so you’ll be all set!

Determining a Budget

At the top of your planning list is the budget. If you’ve read any bachelorette or bridesmaid horror stories, then you’ll know this can be the make-or-break part of the planning process. Avoid losing some friends or alienating people by choosing a budget that every guest can handle. Sometimes, that may mean a tropical getaway might not be in the cards. However, who said you couldn’t bring the tropics to you?

If the bride has her heart set on a bigger bash, like a weekend trip to Las Vegas, there are ways to cut costs. Look up Airbnbs that fit everyone without having the insane prices of multiple hotel rooms. Skip renting a car or limo and pick activities that are within walking distance. Every little bit of savings really adds up.

Confirming the Guest Count

While you might have the idea that planning the bachelorette party entirely without the bride would help cut down on her stress, there’s an area that should really have her input: The guest list. Unlike the bridal shower, the bachelorette isn’t for everyone. Come up with a sample guest list and show it to the bride so she can confirm or alter the guest list to her liking. She might even add a few people you hadn’t considered.

Looking up Location Activities

While drinking might be near the top of the bachelorette to-do list, adding some fun games and activities will make this one memorable night. If there’s a bar you’re definitely going to visit, look up places nearby that might be up the fun factor. Perhaps, there’s a lipstick making workshop where you can customize your own color or an aerial silks class you’ve think everyone will enjoy that’s near to your temporary home. A little group activity creates a nice bonding and memorable experience.


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