Best of 2016: 15 Stunning Bridal Bouquets

Here are the best bridal bouquets of 2016.


In ancient times, a bride held a bouquet of flowers and herbs on her wedding day to ward off evil spirits. Today a bridal bouquet is filled with decorative flowers that are much more of a fashion statement than a superstition. Wedding bouquets have gone through many different styles and trends, and 2016 introduced so many gorgeous, new arrangements! So as this year comes to a close, check out 15 bridal bouquets we can’t get enough of.

1. Pastel

Light pink, green, purple and white flowers mix together perfectly for an elegant spring bouquet.

Pastel Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Stepan Vrzala

2. Jewel Toned

For the brides looking for a bit more color, this jewel-toned bridal bouquet filled with a wide variety of flowers is just what you need! Mix ruby flowers with fuchsia and coral ones to mimic this look.

Jewel Toned Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Deer Pearl Flowers

3. Natural

Natural bouquets filled with lots of greens and plant elements have become incredibly popular. This one is filled with white blooms, greenery, a lotus pod and bits of hay.

Natural Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Jeannine Marie Photography

4. Succulents

Succulents might very well be named the plant of 2016. They have been everywhere! So it’s no surprise that this plant also made an appearance in many a bridal bouquet. There is just something so simple and beautiful about this succulent bouquet with white and tiny purple flowers.

Succulent Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via B. Jones Photography

5. Tropical

Tropical Chic is a party trend we all love right now. So if you’re having a beachy wedding, a tropical-inspired bridal bouquet is a must! For this type of bouquet we say the brighter the better! These bright pinks and oranges really fit the mood.

6. Fall Chic

When it comes to fall weddings, burgundy is king. And this fall bridal bouquet filled with different shades of burgundy and green could not look more chic!

Fall Chic Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Junebug Weddings

7. Classic Pink Rose

Call us traditional, but there is something so sweet and romantic about a classic pink rose bouquet. You just can’t go wrong with a bouquet like that in your hands.

Classic Pink Rose Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Jeramie Lu Photography

8. Sunflowers

Sunflowers exude warmth and happiness. So who wouldn’t want to be carrying a bouquet of happy-inducing flowers on their wedding day? Mix them with a few other flowers or have them stand alone. Either one will create the same effect!

Sunflower Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via The Knot

9. Colorful

But sunflowers aren’t the only way to spread happiness through flowers! Bright and colorful bouquets can create a similar effect.

Colorful Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Hilary Cam Photography

10. Lilac

Another sweet and simple bouquet we love is this light lilac floral arrangement. Mixed with white flowers and green accents, this is a beautiful spring bouquet.

Lilac Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Aisle Society

11. Classic

Cream and peachy tones come together to create this classic bridal bouquet look. No twists or trends, just simple elegance.

Classic Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Priscilla Thomas Photography

12. Faux Floral

Although flowers and bouquets have traditionally been synonymous, brides are swapping out flowers for other fabrics and textures. Introducing: faux floral bouquets. These bouquets are made to look like flowers but are really made from paper, plastics and other crafty materials.

Faux Floral Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via McKenzie Stewart Weddings

13. Feathers & Pearls

Other non-flower bouquets include feathers, pearls, jewels, and more. This feather and pearl bouquet is perfect for an elegant, vintage affair.

Feathers and Pearls Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Chic Vintage Brides

14. Brooch

Another unique spin on a bridal bouquet is to have it made of brooches! Guests won’t be able to stop staring at the mixture of colors and sparkles in the bride’s hands. DIY-ers can even make this themselves!

Brooch Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via B. Jones Photography

15. Florals & Jewels

And then of course there is always the option to meet somewhere in the middle. Sprinkle jewels and rhinestones in your floral arrangement for a hybrid bouquet!

Florals and Jewels Bouquet | Bridal Bouquets | Kate Aspen
via Claudette Montero Photography

Which bouquet is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!