Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ

Your backyard BBQ is the event of the season. After all, summer wouldn’t be complete without some grilled meats, refreshing lemonade, twinkle lights and laughter with friends, family and neighbors. Before you reach for a pack of hot dogs and start inviting everyone on your Facebook friends list, make sure you prepare the perfect backyard BBQ. Think about the variety of guests that will be spending time in your yard, the ways you could decorate the shindig and any lighting you might need if the event goes late.

1. Go for Variety

While you may be a big fan of ribs or cheeseburgers, not everyone will share your feelings on these classic barbecue meats. Check if any of your guests would prefer veggie burgers or kebabs, for instance. Variety is king and will leave your guests smiling.

Barbecue Food Variety | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenDomestic Fashionista

2. Display a Condiment for Every Guest

Need a cute idea for the condiments? Fill up mason jars or pails with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and more. Mark each with a chalk sign of what’s inside. Guests will appreciate the variety of your condiment bar and will enjoy the cute display.

Condiment Bar | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenHouse Beautiful

3. Provide Unique and Refreshing Beverages

Spending the day in the hot sun calls for a refreshing drink. In addition to the bottles of beer and cans of soda, make the beverages special with unique lemonades and flavored water. Adding watermelon or raspberry juice turns a traditional lemonade into something unique. Add sliced lemons or cucumber to ice water to make it memorable and delicious.

Provide Unique and Refreshing Beverages | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenDavid Tsay

4. Desserts Worthy of a Backyard Barbecue

Here’s a cool idea: Make your dessert barbecue-themed. Rather than a standard strawberry shortcake, cut up angel food cake and strawberries and skewer them to create strawberry shortcake kebabs!

Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenSugar Apron

5. Create Succulent Centerpieces

Plant centerpieces are a must on every table, but most cut flowers will wilt over time in the hot sun. Go with succulents instead. Not only are they a trendy plant, but they also look perfect for the backyard barbecue setting.

Succulent Centerpieces | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenThe Little Canopy

6. Light the Night

If all goes well, your guests will stay well into the night. Don’t leave them in the dark. Set up beautiful ambient light with a few strings of twinkle lights ahead of time so you’re prepared for this party to go long.

Twinkle Lights | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate AspenThe New York Times

7. Send Guests Home with a Gift

Party favors are always an unexpected treat. Send guests home with a barbecue-related favor, like these pig-shaped cheeseboards.

Pig Cheeseboard | Creating The Perfect Backyard BBQ | Kate Aspen


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Are you planning your own backyard bbq this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning!

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