DIY: Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors

Spring is finally in bloom, and Easter is just around the corner! Celebrate the season with adorable Easter milk jar favors you can create yourself or with the kids.

DIY Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors - Kate Aspen

Gather Your Supplies

For this project you’ll need:

1. Add Your Candy

DIY Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors Step 1 - Kate Aspen

We used Dutch mints, but any small Easter candies will work well.

2. Cut Out Your Template

DIY Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors Step 2 - Kate Aspen

Once all milk jars are prepped, print and cut out the bunny ears template. You can print several copies and assemble the exact template or trace the shapes on differently designed paper for an assortment of looks. Find different colorful prints with stripes, flowers and polka dots so each pair of ears looks unique.

3. Assemble Template Pieces

DIY Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors Step 3 - Kate Aspen

Place all cut out template pieces on a flat surface and begin assembling. You can play around with spacing between the ears and have them spaced out or closer together based on your preference.

4. Wrap Around Milk Jars

DIY Easter Bunny Milk Jar Favors Step 4 - Kate Aspen

The longer pieces should wrap perfectly around the neck of each milk jar.

5. Display

After you’ve completed all jars, it’s time to display. You can add these sweet favors to a pastel Easter dessert table or hand them out during an Easter egg hunt. Mini milk jars have never looked so cute!

Easter Bunny Milk Jar Ears DIY Final - Kate Aspen

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Happy Planning!