Dogs & Weddings: 6 Pups Who Stole The Show

Anyone who has a dog – or any pet for that matter – can agree that they truly become a member of the family. So it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are choosing to include their dogs in their weddings. From ring bearers to flower girls, there are so many ways to include your furry friend in your wedding. Here are six pups who stole the show at their human’s wedding.

Perfect Ring Bearer

With a suit to match the groomsmen and a big smile to match, this cute pup made the perfect ring bearer! What couple wouldn’t love receiving their rings from that face?

Dog Ring Bearer | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Claudette Montero Photography | Kate Aspen
Photo by Claudette Montero

Furry Escort

We don’t think this bridesmaid had any complaints when she found out an adorable dog would be escorting her down the aisle! He looked so handsome in a bow tie that matched those of the groomsmen. And a sign that read “My Humans Are Getting Married” hung from the bridesmaid’s wrist.

Dog Groomsman | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Daisy Saulls Photography | Kate Aspen
Photo by Daisy Saulls

Four-Legged Groomsman

This bride and groom definitely loves their four-legged friend! Just look at that sweet kiss. And to include him in the wedding, they made him one of their groomsmen! And like the pup from above, he even had a bow tie to match the other gentlemen!

Couple Kissing Dog Groomsman | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Katie Keighin Photography | Kate Aspen
Photo by Katie Keighin

Flower Dog

This Pomeranian looks beautiful sitting in front of the bright bridal flowers! And we think she looked equally glamorous walking down the aisle as the flower girl.

Pomeranian Flower Girl | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Ampersand Studios | Kate Aspen
Photo by Ampersand Studios

Photogenic Friend

Maybe you just want your dog there for the photos! You don’t necessarily have to assign a role for you dog to let him or her attend! Having your furry friend in photos is just as special.

Dog and Bride | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Kristopher LIndsay Photography | Kate Aspen
Photo by Kristopher Lindsay Photography

Canine Cake

Sometimes as much as we want our dogs there, it just can’t happen. Maybe he is too hyper or it is a destination wedding? So if your dog can’t physically be there, copy this couple by bringing him in spirit with a cake designed to look like your four legged friend!

Dog Wedding Cake | 6 Dogs Who Stole the Show | Pepper Nix Photography | Kate Aspen
Photo by Pepper Nix

Would you include your dog in your wedding? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Planning!

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