Engagement Ring 101 [Infographic]

Want to know the ins and outs of engagement ring buying? Follow the 4 C’s! Keep scrolling to read the four most important things to look out for when purchasing an engagement ring.


1. Cut

When it comes to diamonds, cut is the most important thing to look at. Cut is important because even diamonds with the best clarity will look dull if they are cut poorly.

Brightness, shine and fire are all affected by the cut of your diamond and the more proportional the diamond is, the more sparkle it will have!

Make sure your diamond has the proper proportions for maximum brilliance and scintillation!

2. Color

Color is important when shopping for diamonds as well. You don’t want a white diamond looking yellow in the light, so find one that has little to no yellow to it. Color plays a more important role the bigger the diamond gets because color is easier to spot in larger diamonds.

Looking for a colorful diamond, like a pink, blue or yellow? Be ready to pay more! Colored diamonds are rarer, so they tend to cost more.

3. Carat

Carats are another thing to look for when purchasing a diamond ring. Carats are based on the weight of the diamond, not the size. But don’t be too worried about how many carats you’re getting – a proper cut can make a diamond seem larger (another reason cut is so important!).

Pro tip: Want to size up but don’t want to pay the price? Buy a diamond that’s just under the next carat to save a little money!

4. Clarity

The last of the 4 C’s is clarity. Clarity pertains to the imperfections of the diamond. Fewer imperfections or inclusions give the diamond a higher clarity score, but lucky for us, most imperfections are invisible to the untrained human eye.

When shopping for engagement rings, keep these 4 C’s in mind to get the best diamond for your money!

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Happy Planning!

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