Flirting with Fuchsia

Kate looks at fuchsia!



Will it be fuchsia POP or fuchsia POW for you, missy?

Dab a hint into your wedding flair, or go all out, you really can’t go wrong with fuchsia – it simply BEGS to be paired with a whole world of exciting colors!

“Go big or go home.” favored quote from Miss Lacey here at the office


Fuchsia is pink, with an infusion of  purple – sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.  But no matter how hue-specific you get, fuchsia makes a bold statement.  If you commit to the  fuchsia POW, you’re showing off your adventurous personality and your dauntless style!

“Excuse me?  Fuchsia and WHAT?” overheard in the lobby the other day


Well, there’s navy, lime green, purple, brown, black, ivory, yellow – pick your favorite and make your statement with a fun-fuchsia POP.

“Polish off your black and white” clever suggestion in a brainstorming session


“And what,” you might ask, “is Kate’s favorite fuchsia flourish?”

Oh that’s sooooo easy!